Basic Rules

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Basic Rules

Post by Pepperoni on Sun May 08, 2016 4:47 pm

Hello! I am PepperoniBlaster (a.k.a. DankMemer), and welcome to Planet/Riot. Before you dive headfirst into this RP, we need to go over a few things... and by things I mean rules:

  • This RP is an Emote RP, and Desc if both and or all members agree on it. Scenes with staff will be auto-emote.

  • One person gets 1 file to RP at a time, and can make another or change it once their character dies. Staff can get 2 and/or play as NPCs.

  • Combat is illegal iCly unless done for a valid reason (such as bounty hunting, being in the army, self defence), so try to talk things out for most of the time instead of using guns. This is a "peaceful galaxy" after all.

  • No Noob RP, Auto RP, Godmodding, or Metagaming. If you have no idea what this means, just go and search it up, since you probably know what it means.

  • Just because this is a Sci-Fi RP does not mean it's a Science Fantasy (such as Star Wars and Shadowrun), so please use realism please.

  • If you make a character, I will allow FCs. They are not necessary, but they should fit the theme. Hell, you can make a Fry from Futurama rip-off, as long as it makes sense.

  • Please don't make Mary-Sues. By this, I mean don't make a "perfect character" who's "weakness is being too nice", or "a cyborg" who "desperately want's to be fully human", and vice versa. If you do use a Mary-Sue format, at least add some real character and faults, as well as making it stand out.

  • No Cybering (Sexual chat and RP) in my RP rooms. You can do it in your rooms you made, but not in the public rooms. Jesus.

  • If you are wanting to make an alien race, tell me and make some rooms for your alien. If not, you can always live on Earth.

  • Use "*...*" or "-...-" for action lines, use ";...;" or "(Whisper or Low): ..." for you quietly talking, and use ";;...;;" for thoughts. Use "/.../" for enphazized text. For aliens, if they can't traditionally speak English, they will use "//...//". Example: ( *Kua takes a sip of the cup before putting it down* //This is some /good/ water.// ;;Who am I kidding, this water is disgusting.;; )

  • Please have something in your motto so we can know who you are ICly.

  • Finally, do not make your character extremely OP unless you are not going to get your file read. Staff can get some perks, such as having a little extra firepower and the ability to do interesting things in scenes, but you as a normal RPer should just be able to be beaten in normal combat. Just don't have too many outrageous applications.

Before creating your file, you should also check out the Banned Powers and Story Introduction. Other than that, good luck and and a fun time RPing!

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